Safetica is proud to offer same-day support for the highly anticipated release of macOS Sonoma (macOS 14) in the fall of 2023. This means that Safetica customers can seamlessly upgrade to macOS Sonoma immediately upon its release, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

Customers opt for Safetica because of its dedication to delivering same-day support for Apple's operating system upgrades. While many organizations aim to benefit from the latest enhancements in productivity and security, safeguarding sensitive corporate data often requires waiting for security vendors to release compatible updates. Thankfully, Safetica's same-day support eliminates the need for compromise. Organizations can seamlessly upgrade to macOS Sonoma on the day of its release, enjoying uninterrupted and robust protection offered by Safetica.

Safetica has built a solid reputation for addressing the needs of macOS users in organizations of all sizes. As the favored Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, Safetica prevents data leaks and loss on macOS and Windows-based computers. It helps businesses mitigate the risk of insider threats, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and enabling them to protect their sensitive data.

Anna Marie Milan
Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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