Grazitti Interactive is a consulting company that helps businesses with digital transformation and marketing automation, collaborating with technology leaders like Adobe, Salesforce, Google, and others to deliver the best solutions to their clients. The company has been assisting businesses worldwide, so data protection was crucial for their success. 

Safetica: The Right Choice for Grazitti Interactive’s DLP Needs 

The primary motivation behind implementing a DLP solution was to ensure that sensitive information wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands, intentionally or through human error.

When choosing the right DLP solution, Grazitti Interactive considered various providers, such as McAfee and Trend Micro. However, only Safetica provided all the necessary features while still being cost-effective, making it their clear choice.

Seamless Collaboration

Grazitti Interactive collaborated with our partner, ESET India, which helped with implementation, deployment, policy configuration, troubleshooting, and training. The Safetica team is now involved whenever a more complex case needs resolution or developer assistance. 

Implementation went quickly, and the company then segregated data based on sensitivity and applied DLP policies accordingly. The first improvement in data security was visible one month after installation. Gradually, Grazitti Interactive began implementing more restrictive DLP policies to suit their evolving needs.

Enhancing Data Security and Productivity with Safetica 

The primary motivation for deploying a DLP solution was data auditing and protection, which were successfully achieved with Safetica. The company values other features as well. With Safetica, they can monitor productivity, IT utilization, and they appreciate the notifications that help educate users on how to handle sensitive information. 

Grazitti Interactive integrated Safetica with Tableau software, allowing them to generate even more detailed custom reports. This integration has greatly assisted their HR team. 

Safetica is a mature DLP solution with a full suite of functionalities. It not only safeguards against data leaks but also provides comprehensive data flow insights, including risk operations and protection recommendations, as well as employee monitoring. The solution is highly stable, the support team promptly investigates any identified issues, and the developers immediately implement fixes.”

Sanjeev Sharma
IT Team Lead at Grazitti Interactive

Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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