Safetica 5 has been awarded 4 ¾ stars in SC Magazine's annual review of endpoint security products. Safetica scored a perfect five stars for its features, ease of use, performance, documentation, and support. “This tool is a nice entry into endpoint security. And, we found that the value for the money is good,” wrote Peter Stephenson, head of the SC Test Lab. He liked Safetica’s all-around uniform simplicity in protecting endpoint data. Find the review of Safetica here.

SC Magazine is a major IT security publication and is a leading source of news and independent reviews for the industry.

The SC Magazine report is Safetica’s first participation in an independent product review and analysis. “This review proves we are fielding a complete and fully competitive endpoint security solution,” said Jakub Mahdal, CEO of Safetica Technologies. “We scored higher than some of our leading competitors on features, performance, and cost. That’s acceptable for our first time.”

While endpoint security has often focused on malware detection and the physical device, Mr. Stephenson pointed out that times have changed. “It's the data, not the endpoint itself,” he said.

Protecting the data at the endpoint is exactly what Safetica is all about.

Safetica team

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