Opolgraf SA is one of the largest book printing companies in Poland. With 75 years of experience, it specializes in printing books in booklet binding, hardback, spiral binding, etc. The company has won many prestigious awards, and publishers especially appreciate it for its communication, quality, and timeliness. The close-knit team of more than a hundred and fifty employees is complemented by an extensive machine park, which guarantees the implementation of the most demanding projects. Opolgraf, receiving orders from all over the world, must provide customers with the highest quality of service and ensure the security of processed data.

Historically, the company operated with a separation between the administrative and production domains. However, technological advances and changing processes within the company have caused the boundaries between the two to become highly blurred. In order to use modern machinery, production employees were given access to employer and customer data resources that had previously been managed solely by the administrative side of the company. This posed new challenges for Opolgraf. 

We needed a tool that would provide us with information on the full life cycle of materials submitted to us by customers, along with access logs. We work with publishers of all sizes – from those with a dozen or so employees to multinational corporations, so we are expected to meet high-security standards. We decided to introduce DLP software to improve our cybersecurity even more. With Safetica, we can guarantee our customers that their data is safe.

says Tomasz Slobodzian
IT Manager at Opolgraf

The company's IT infrastructure administrators emphasized that cybersecurity is a complicated puzzle, with many elements and various solutions. Safetica is one solution that allows Opolgraf to monitor access to files in different domains, ensuring data monitoring transparency throughout the company's environment.  

Security investments and company development

Opolgraf, like any company, has to meet many norms and quality standards. In addition to legal regulations, specific requirements, and certain functionalities come with tenders or orders. By investing in machinery and modern security solutions, the company ensures both data security and its reputation. 

Digital, financial, and organizational

Safetica extends to us the possibility of monitoring files, and by determining their importance through tagging, we can set rules for access to company resources and create appropriate security policies. After all, in addition to customer data, we have the company's financial information, commercial databases, and a whole host of resources that are a valuable asset to our company. We treat DLP software as a tool to assist employees in properly using and accessing this data. We train our team in this area to be safer.

explains Tomasz Slobodzian from Opolgraf

Opolgraf frequently hires temporary employees to assist with large and complicated orders. Company representatives assert that having an easy-to-deploy DLP helps them manage the influx. Safetica provides new employees with information on how to handle files and resources, while simultaneously protecting Opolgraf’s data.

For us, customer data is one of the most valuable assets in the company. We can't allow a situation in which our printed materials leak into the network. Keeping an eye on this is our priority. We print more than 11 million books a year, which shows the scale of the challenge.

Tomasz Slobodzian from Opolgraf

Safetica's ability to integrate with data analysis tools, i.e., Power BI, and to connect with other systems make it especially attractive to IT managers, as it gives them a better understanding of their working environment. The implementation of the DLP software at Opolgraf took several hours, with assistance from DAGMA IT Security. Company administrators also highlight the solution's ease of use and Safetica's user-friendly management console. 

Anna Marie Milan
Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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