Jordan Ahli Bank is a prominent institution in the Jordanian banking sector with more than six decades of banking expertise, boasting a significant regional and global footprint. The bank continually strives to increase customer satisfaction and offers a wide range of banking products and services. Therefore, data security and GDPR compliance are vital to maintaining their business activities.

Seamless Transition to an Easy-to-Use Solution 

The organization was already familiar with DLP and data security, having used a McAfee solution. In search of a solution that would be easier to manage, they chose Safetica. With Safetica, they can generate automated reports and tailor DLP policies to meet their specific requirements. 

Strategic Alliance: ESET Cyprus Implements Safetica 

Jordan Ahli Bank collaborated with ESET Cyprus, which assisted in implementing and integrating the Safetica solution. Working together, we successfully implemented Safetica in their IT environment within two working days, and during the first week, a significant enhancement in data security was evident. 

Beyond Compliance: Safetica Transcends GDPR Expectations 

The primary goal of the DLP solution was to protect their endpoints and ensure compliance with GDPR. Shortly after the implementation, they recognized that the solution delivered significantly more value than mere regulatory compliance. The company gained insight into employees' performance, IT asset utilization and enhanced overall organizational efficiency. 

After installing the software, we quickly realized that the solution was not only applicable for GDPR but also served as a tool to provide security, offering a comprehensive overview of the entire enterprise. Many features are used daily by several departments to establish processes and improve the efficiency of the organization."

Pantelis Doratis
Head of IT Department at Jordan Ahli Bank

Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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