The Greek company Franco Compania Naviera is one of the most respected in traditional shipping management. By implementing Safetica, the company can now better monitor employee compliance with company policies, fulfill ISO 27001 requirements, and monitor sensitive information within the company. 

As a shipping management company, Franco Compania Naviera creates and manages sensitive information that needs to be handled and protected according to security standards in order to provide the best service to its clients.

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. This framework helps organizations establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and continually improve their ISMS. 

Effectively monitored sensitive information 

Franco Compania Naviera started to look for a DLP solution that would help the company fulfill ISO 27001 requirements. When comparing the options, Safetica provided all necessary functionalities and beat the competition in cost-effectiveness. Franco Compania Naviera implemented the solution in 2 months, without help from an external organization. 

The result

After implementing Safetica, the monitoring of sensitive information and the goals set for ISO27001 certification were achieved. 

We can better monitor our employee compliance to company policies.

Dimitris Papadiotis
IT Manager

In the future, the company plans on better utilizing Safetica functionalities to further its data security.

Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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