Koluman Holding was established in 1965, and today operates in a wide range of fields. The organization considers data security to be one of its top priorities. To protect its sensitive data, they implemented Safetica. At Koluman they especially appreciate our support, reports, and how easy it is to use the solution.

Meet the Customer

KOLUMAN was established in 1965. Today the company operates in a wide range of fields including the motor vehicle trade and after-sales services; many kinds of vehicle superstructure sales, including trailers, tippers, tankers, fire extinguishing superstructures, salt spreaders, vacuum brooms, front brooms, snow knives; and marketing, and foreign trade.

Koluman, which has been deeply involved in the transportation Turkish sector for years, is one of the main dealers of Mercedes-Benz, Türk A.Ş. and Mercedes Benz Otomotiv ve Ticaret Hizmetler A.Ş., and provides sales and after-sales services of Mercedes brand vehicles, as well as vehicle superstructure and assembly works.

Data Security as the Top Priority

Some of Turkey’s largest companies are held by Koluman Holding, making it one of the leading holdings in the market in terms of both size and economic indicators. The organization considers data security to be one of its top priorities and needs to ensure information security in an arena where competition is intense.

Why Safetica?

Koluman Holding finds Safetica to be a fast, user-friendly product that uniquely meets its needs and responds to them in the best way possible. It provides data security, workplace control, and efficiency-oriented security. In addition, Safetica’s price policy provides a competitive advantage.

Our Solution

Safetica has a structure that does not burden the system. Ease of use is among the features that stand out. It is an important advantage that it has a Turkish interface. The technical support team provides a quick response. The Safetica solution can be customized down to the smallest details when desired. The customer can optimize Safetica to fit how it is used and to generate the reports it needs.

As Koluman, we are among the leading holdings in Turkey. Data security is one of our strategic priorities. We chose Safetica because it fully meets our needs."

Gökhan Türkmen, IT Manager

The Main Safetica Advantages

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to manage
  • Does not burden the system
  • Fast technical support
  • Turkish interface
  • Price advantage

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