Do you want to get the maximum out of Safetica products and reach your goals as fast as possible? Customer Success Manager will help you – including regular health checks.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a dedicated single point of contact whose primary goal is to ensure your success with Safetica products. CSM is a Safetica champion who has a broad knowledge of customer environments, needs, and solutions for typical use-cases. CSM drives product adoption, advocates for the customer, and helps achieve the desired outcomes earlier. 

Key benefits

  • Achieve your desired outcomes with Safetica earlier
  • Utilize Safetica specialists' experience from hundreds of successful implementations and get your project done fast and right
  • Get your environment optimized by implementing our Security Best practices
  • Consult your security and product requirements and find the best solution
  • Get a fast track to your submitted feature requests or tickets through CSM who advocates for you and communicates directly with the responsible teams

What you get

  • Initial discovery call. Put together all your goals and requests. A success plan is a live document and changes whenever your goals change.
  • Regular call. Scheduled to a time and frequency which works best for you. The goal of this call is to track progress on open and new requests, validate the journey towards your goals and discuss what is needed to.
  • Regular health check. Your CSM regularly checks your environment and keeps your Safetica implementation healthy.
  • Proactive care. Your CSM contacts you proactively in case there could be any potential problem, anything in your submitted requests changed, or just to ask if everything is fine.
  • Ongoing support. Reach out whenever you have a question, issue, or new request.
  • New release updates. Your CSM makes sure you understand how to use the new features and helps you update the product and configure it.
  • Escalation ownership. Your CSM controls escalations, gives you updates, and coordinates internal teams.

Health Check

The scope of Health Check service is designed to check the Implementation of Safetica based on customer’s environment, their requirements, and Safetica’s Best Practices. The goal is to provide recommendations of changes of the configuration, help with the implementation of customer’s requirements, or application of best practices, leading to better security state of Safetica-covered environment. Service is provided within one man-day of work.

In general, Health Check involves the following activities:

  • Check of the Safetica runtime requirements
  • Check of the correct Safetica products installation
  • Check of the communication of all Safetica components
  • Check of the initial product configuration and maintenance configuration
  • Check of records and consultations about Security Audit if required and necessary
  • Suggestion and configuration of best practices regarding the configuration of Safetica
  • Prophylaxis of Safetica Management Service
  • Prophylaxis of Microsoft SQL Server (running Safetica database)

As a result of the Health Check, the customer will be provided with:

  • Service completion report, including the complete protocol
  • List of post-check recommendations 

As with any software maintenance access, there are requirements that must be fulfilled in order to perform Health Check. A customer (or their partner) is responsible for securing these requirements:

  • Remote access to physical or virtual or cloud server running Safetica Management Service
  • Remote access to MSSQL server with Safetica database
  • Remoting options, by means of RDP/ISL/Teams/other ways connection
  • VPN access and credentials, if necessary
  • A dedicated IT administrator on the customer’s side, who will act as the main point of contact for Safetica and the partner, and will allow and authorize ad-hoc hands-on activities stemming from the check
Safetica team

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