The research company Concept Medical wanted to fulfill their legal obligations, have an overview of their sensitive data flow, and get insight into their productivity. Safetica's solution helped in all three areas.

Problem: assure regulatory compliance, limit access to data, and improve productivity 

American research company Concept Medical develops proprietary medical technologies. It faced three data-related challenges. First, as with every research company, regulatory compliance is always paramount. The second issue that Concept Medical needed to resolve was how to protect and limit access to information to a specific person while identifying and restricting unknown devices. Because the company's staff works primarily from home, assessing productivity and understanding employee behavior in online and offline activities was also extremely important. 

Results: Visible data flow  

With the help of Safetica, the company has more transparency into how data actually flows throughout the organization. The lives of IT managers are easier and the company can concentrate on their research, all while being protected by this strong added layer of data security.  

With the help of Safetica, we got more clarity and transparency on how data actually flows throughout our organization. Thanks to Safetica, for making our life so easy & for adding a strong layer of data security.

Chirag Jagirdar
CIO of Concept Medical

Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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