P.H.U. BROKER Sp. z o.o. owns a network of building materials warehouses located in Pomeranian Region of Poland. For a few years Broker has been providing complex development services: construction, sale, and rent of housing and commercial investments. The company employs more than 250 employees, providing its services to thousands of clients in northern Poland. It is constantly growing, both by opening new branches and expanding the scope of its business activity.

The challenge

When looking for a DLP solution for our company, our top priority was making sure that it makes us compliant with all the regulations concerning data protection, especially GDPR. The second important factor was protecting our employees and customers. We are fully aware of the consequences that a data breach may bring, so we do all we can in order to avoid such incidents. That is why we decided to implement Safetica, which we put in charge of monitoring workstations and notebooks in our company, branch offices, and commercial outlets. In addition to that, Safetica also monitors our database servers and external storage.

Mateusz Kupczyk / Main IT Specialist, P.H.U. Broker

The solution

The auditor module in Safetica made it possible for the company to conduct a thorough analysis of its data traffic and the flow of information in the organization. DLP rules and reports on security incidents also proved to be useful. They allowed for a faster response in case of data protection policy violations and reduced the risk of accidental leakage of sensitive data.


If I had to choose one function of Safetica, that we are most satisfied with, it would most definitely be the auditor module. It can be used even before the proper deployment in order to identify potential sources of the data breach. This way we know where we need to focus our attention in order to get the best results, which, in turn, allows us to save both time and money. Another big advantage of the product is its intuitive interface, which makes our day-to-day work much easier.

Mateusz Kupczyk / Main IT Specialist, P.H.U. Broker

  • compliance with regulations, especially GDPR
  • monitoring workstations, branch offices, and commercial outlets
Dita Eckhardtova

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