The recent success we achieved at the G2 2024 Summer Awards has filled us with excitement. With pride, we have secured a remarkable 20 badges across various categories such as Cloud Security, Data Security, Data Loss Prevention, User and Entity Behavior Analytics, and Data Discovery. This accomplishment truly underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional services and solutions to our valued clients.

Maintaining Our Top Rankings

Our dedication to ensuring data security knows no bounds, as evidenced by our leading positions in Small Business Data Security and Mid-Market Data Security. By receiving badges in these categories, we reinforce our commitment to providing top-notch protection for our clients' valuable information. This achievement showcases our expertise and unwavering focus on safeguarding data in both small businesses and mid-market enterprises, solidifying our reputation as a trusted leader in the field of cybersecurity.





A Trusted Solution for Data Protection

We are thrilled to announce that we have earned High Performer badges in several key categories, further solidifying our position cybersecurity. These badges were awarded for our exceptional performance in Mid Market Cloud Security, Mid Market Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Small Businesses Data Loss Prevention (DLP), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Data Discovery. This achievement highlights our expertise and dedication to providing top-notch security solutions across a wide range of areas, showcasing our commitment to excellence in safeguarding our clients' valuable data.

Protecting Data Worldwide

Our global presence and recognition have been further solidified by earning High Performer badges across key regions including EMEA, Europe, Asia, Asia Pacific, and India. This achievement highlights our ability to deliver exceptional cybersecurity solutions and services on a worldwide scale, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in safeguarding data for clients across different continents.