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A Free Data Security Review

Discover possible weak points in your company’s data security. We provide companies with a Free Data Security Review.*

You will receive a comprehensive report that consists of:

  • Destination types (e.g. email, network share, cloud drive, USB) with the most sensitive file operations.
  • The riskiest operations that involve sensitive data
  • The riskiest users that could cause a data leak incident
  • A list of recommendations for your security

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Get a Comprehensive Data Security Review Report

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  • Less than 1 man-day from your IT required
  • Fully confidential service provided on a trusted platform

*Are you interested in getting a Free Security Audit?
You have to meet the following criteria:

100+ employees

The company is based outside of Russia.

For more details about the offer, read the Terms and Conditions

Still hesitating?

3 steps of the Free Security Review

With the Security Review you will find out:

  1. Sense of volume – What is the actual volume of data leaving your company?
  2. Info about data destinations – What are the most common or surprising ways how data leaves your company?
  3. Info about sensitive data – What types of data and sensitive information leave your company? Who is sending them and where?
  4. First risks detections – Noteworthy events which could pose potential risks in data flow and user activity.
  5. Recommendations for securing your company data and processes.


They trust us with their security.