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A Free Data Security Audit

Discover possible weak points in your company’s data security. We provide selected companies with a Free Security Audit.*

You will receive a comprehensive evaluation that consists of:

  • Usage of multiple instant messaging apps (Slack, Teams, WhatsApp)
  • Usage of risky channels (RDP, Google Drive)
  • Risky operations that involve sensitive data
  • Risky users that could cause a security incident
  • A list of recommendations for your security


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100+ employees

Company is based in the US or Canada 

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Insider Threats Are on the Rise Due to Flexible Work and The Great Resignation

million are the overall costs of an insider threat incident

85 days
on average it takes to contain an insider threat incident

of incidents are unintentional

Mitigate Insider Threat Incidents and Protect Your Company's Data

Who is an Insider

Insiders are people that have legitimate access to an organization’s data and therefore can misuse them – unintentionally or on purpose.

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