Let's recap how Safetica helps you protect your data

The most frequent causes of data leaks are human errors, problems in processes and disgruntled employees. Especially insider threats are on rise due to flexible ways of working, and companies are facing the challenge to keep their sensitive data safe. Safetica helps you to protect your data effortlessly. Watch the video to see how the actual product looks like and how to use it to get the best results. 



      Safetica UEBA helps you understand how your employees work even on remote

      Optional module Safetica UEBA shows you how your employees spend their work time. You can also check how they print and use expensive software or hardware. 

      In this video you will find out: 

      • How do users spend their working hours?
      • Do users actually work their reported hours?
      • Do users engage in activities that they are responsible for?
      • How to block and report dangerous and unproductive activities?
      • How to spot if the user is considering leaving the company/searching new job?


      With Safetica you have all the security policies in your hands 


      Safetica helps you to make sure your sensitive data such as personal data, strategic plans, customer databases, contracts etc. will not leave the company. 

      Watch the video to find out: 

      • How to limit the use of external devices
      • How to control upload to a personal mailbox, messenger, or file share website
      • How to handle specific sensitive data and restrict channels
      • How to integrate Safetica with O365

      They trust us with their security.



      Safetica ONE protects your data against leakage and insider threats 

      Safetica ONE is a mature data security solution designed for the scalability and needs of both SMB and enterprises. Watch the video and find out more about the product. 

      In this video you will see: 

      • Powerful DLP policies and effective protection of sensitive data
      • Flexible DLP remediation actions
      • Powerful, detailed incident investigation
      • Easy-to-use and fast policy configuration
      • Rich reporting options
      • Real-time alerts of security events