Keep track on users behavior and prevent insider threats

With optional module Safetica UEBA, you can safely grow your company with understanding how your employees work even on remote, but also how they print and use expensive software or hardware.


of employees
admitted to transferring files between work and personal computers while working remotely (Cisco).

admit that, in case of connectivity problem, they send business emails to customers, partners, and co-workers via their personal email.

of employees
don’t bother with privacy measures when working remotely in a public place (Cisco).

in 10 remote workers
want to maintain remote work to some degree (Gallup).


In this video you will learn how to answer these questions:

  • How do users spend their working hours?

  • Do users actually work their reported hours?
  • Do users engage in activities that they are responsible for?
  • How to block and report dangerous and unproductive activities?
  • How to spot if the user is considering leaving the company/searching new job?
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Insiders account for 22% of all security incidents. Between 2018 and 2020, there was a 47% increase in the frequency of incidents involving Insider Threats.

Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report


Data security that enables company operation efficiency

Safetica helps you to keep data security and business operations efficiency in balance.

Safetica UEBA removes concerns with remote users & virtual teams

  • Understand user work activity and behavior in detail
  • Reveal discrepancies in reported vs. actual work
  • Get a comprehensive overview of work time usage
  • Use the insight to secure your data and workspace