Learn how to keep your data secure in the remote work era.

To help you manage the data security risks of employees, we’ve prepared a little handbook with ten must-do’s not only for IT managers.


A welcome but potentially dangerous trend

Nowadays, more and more companies allow and encourage their employees to work remotely; some are even becoming fully remote companies. However, this popular benefit makes it more difficult for companies to properly secure their sensitive data against data leakage and insider threats.

Read, how to protect your data in 10 steps!

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Ten Tips for IT managers
Protect Company Data During Remote Work

What you will find the in the e-book

  • Protecting data from external and internal threats during remote work and Great resignation
  • Better safe than sorry, Zero trust, and other data security approaches
  • How to work safely from a home office for your employees
  • How to secure your data in a remote environment
  • How can Safetica help you with the long-term data protection

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