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WebSafetica is a security tool for IT admins and managers who want to effortlessly find out how their data are protected. It is a part of Safetica DLP and can be used by anyone, with no need for training.

Online Availability

Well-arranged Security

Intuitive Navigation
Websafetica available online

Online Availability

WebSafetica runs flawlessly in all browsers, whether on a computer or mobile phone. Thanks to this you can even check security status from home.

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Well-arranged Security

Find out where your company is vulnerable to document leaks, uncover which expensive licenses are hardly used, and identify sensitive files that were copied to external devices.

Intuitive Websafetica

Intuitive Navigation

With WebSafetica you spend less time analyzing and more time protecting your organization. All information is at hand and in case there is a security threat, you can tell it right at first glance.


What do you need to run WebSafetica?
Safetica 9 DLP or higher Windows 7 or higher MS SQL server 2012 or higher

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