Concept Medical understands the data flow and assess productivity

Research company Concept Medical wanted to fullfill legal obligation, have overview of flow of sensitive data and get an insight into productivity. Safetica solution helped in all three areas. 

Problem: assure regulatory
compliance, access to data and productivity 

American research company Concept Medical develops proprietary medical technologies and was faced with three data-related challenges. First, for every research company, the regulatory compliance is paramount. How to protect and limit access to information to specific person while identifying and restricting unknown devices was the second issue that Concept Medical needed to solve. The company's staffs works mostly from home or even in office, therefore assessing productivity and understanding their behaviour in online and offline activities is also extremely important. 

Choosing a new solution and reasons why you did not choose competitors 


Description of solution implementation

Results: Visibility of data flow 

With the help of Safetica, the company has more clarity and visibility on how data is actually flows throughout our organization. Can you please add results for the regulatory compliance and productivity monitoring also? 

Life of IT managers is easy and the company can concentrate on the research, being all the time protected by this added strong layer of data security.  



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