We are proud to announce our new partnership with the major distributor DataSolutions.  Together, we will help businesses protect data and make it easier for them to comply with legislation, in particular the European GDPR. 

We have forged a strong partnership

DataSolutions has been operating in the UK and Ireland since 1991. It distributes the best technologies to create, manage, and secure the entire IT infrastructure for the end-user. It focuses on facilitating the customer's work, cyber security, broad marketing and technical support.

DataSolutions has invested over 250,000 euros into the solution that protects sensitive business data. Specifically, they have invested in the technology and sales team that allow them to provide their partners in the UK and Ireland with technical training and marketing support.

DataSolutions and Safetica teams

We are honored to include such a reliable, talented, and experienced distributor in our network.

DataSolutions is the perfect match for Safetica – an experienced value-added distributor who is able to build strong relationships with our mutual customers. there is a clear demand in the UK and Irish markets for a specialist DLP solution built from the ground up. DataSolutions share our passion in delivering cutting-edge security solutions and outstanding customer support, and we are thrilled to take on this opportunity together says Petr Žikeš, CEO Safetica Technologies.

We offer affordable solutions, even for small to mid-sized businesses

David Keating, Group Security Sales Director at DataSolutions, said: “As we approach the year mark since the introduction of GDPR, it is still debateable whether organisations have got a handle on how to adequately handle and protect data. Insider threats pose the biggest risk to businesses and Safetica’s DLP solution not only provides organisations with an overview of how its sensitive data flows through the system, but puts control of sensitive data back in management’s hands.”

Michael O’Hara and Petr Žikeš

“A key advantage of Safetica’s technology is how quick and easy it is to deploy, typically taking just a day, as opposed to the months that a traditional DLP solution can take to install. The cost and timeframe of these projects put DLP implementation out of reach for many smaller and mid-size businesses in Ireland and the UK, so we are excited to offer an affordable and impactful solution which will make a real difference in the market.”

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