You may have seen the demo of a new online tool that was published on our website in January 2016. WebSafetica is designed specifically to provide managers with the means to monitor security and effectiveness of their company in a way that is easy to access, understand and maintain. WebSafetica is a product part of Safetica 7.

Why did we develop a brand new tool for data protection?

And what changes does WebSafetica bring to the table? To answer these questions, let me give you a bit of insight into the making of WebSafetica, and compare it to the current data security management tool.

As you know, up to now Safetica has primarily been an administration tool for the IT guy in your company - someone with technical knowledge who also manages endpoint security. This is why the current management console has been giving your administrator useful and interesting data accompanied by tools he needs to further analyze individual restrictions.

Turning data into knowledge

Now WebSafetica is our response to the need for quick and clear discovery across various information channels. It was created around the idea of turning data into knowledge. This provides an effective way to keep decision makers on the top of things. In other words, WebSafetica presents the same information to a different audience, and in a different - more intuitive - way.

In order to achieve this without reducing the power of Safetica, we have built the WebSafetica concept on 3 pillars:

    • Data Security - tells you about any and all information security incidents
    • Productivity - shows you activity and effectiveness of your employees
    • Usage of IT resources - gives you statistics on the usage of computers, laptops, printers and your network

Each of the three pillars was designed based on our experience and the feedback we have gathered from our customers. WebSafetica shows you relevant information instead of just plain data. We have achieved this goal using data mining techniques that look for important information and relationships.

Try WebSafetica demoWebSafetica comes as a part of Safetica 7.

How WebSafetica works?

We know managers want to see everything relevant on one screen and understand the whole picture. That's why the Dashboard aggregates information from all 3 pillars in one convenient place.Safetica graphics

The graphs are interactive. This means that if you want to learn more about any data point, you simply click through to access individual reports, or set a filter for that specific type of information.

WebSafetica uses modern ASP.NET MVC framework and runs on a Microsoft IIS server. This helps with accessibility and compatibility and allows the server to be installed on virtually any Windows machine in your company. This technology allows for a rapid development process and so WebSafetica will be able to respond to the new needs of our customers. You can also expect new modules developed specifically for this platform, starting with Safetica Mobile.

WebSafetica is an integral part of our newest product - Safetica 7 which brings improvements as for Safetica's integration into the business environment.

Wanna get a tasting sample of WebSafetica? Then go ahead and try our demo.

Safetica team

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