We have joined the worldwide initiative Cybersecurity Tech Accord and now stand beside other companies such as Nokia, Telefonica, Microsoft and Avast. See what the membership brings us and our next steps towards the safety of internet users.

We have joined the Cybersecurity Tech Accord family

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced the expansion of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord at the annual conference Ignite 2018. Our membership was subsequently signed at the Cybersec Forum in Krakow.

Our participation in this global initiative is no coincidence. The fight against sensitive content theft and data protection is a key factor for all participants. Together, we want to increase the safety of cyberspace not only for individuals but also for companies.

Commenting on our membership, our CEO Petr Žikeš told the European Security Journal:

In Safetica, the core of our business is protecting organizations and their employees from the risks of modern cyberspace. We believe that every user and every company, regardless of size or industry, deserves the right to protect their data. We see the added value of Tech Cybersecurity participation in cooperation with similarly minded organizations and support our common goal. Although we could be competitors, we share the same goal - protecting users and consumers.”

CEO Safetica Petr Žikeš

Security and independence, first and foremost. Even online

One important reason for joining the Cybersecurity Tech Accord is that it will help us intervene against software interventions by governments, organizations and other authorities. Membership in the CTA initiative highlight independence from all pressures from the outside. Because even this independence is not a matter of course in the free world, and recent cases have proved it.

One example of this is last year's net neutrality struggle. Thanks to the hard work of coalitions such as the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, providers are now prohibited from differentiating between types of data downloaded by users and then adjusting their connection speeds accordingly. We must also resist the constant efforts of state organs to add "back doors" to the security protocols of telephones, because they facilitate access to user data. Similar cases show that it is important not to take the independence of the internet for granted, but to actively advocate for it.

The French Declaration is another step forward

French President Emmanuel Macron also addressed the problem of online security. At the beginning of November, he introduced the Paris Call, which aims to increase trust and security in cyberspace. The Cybersecurity Tech Accord has already supported the declaration and Safetica, as one of the few private stakeholders, have chosen to support this.

We look forward to increasing the IT security awareness of internet users and protecting the security of their data with the help of these global initiatives.

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Safetica is now a member of the Microsoft Partner Network

This fall, Safetica became part of the Microsoft Partner Network. By connecting to the most popular computer operating system, we strengthen our promise to protect your data more effectively. In addition, the cloud version of Safetica DLP is also available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Get inspired by Safetica succes story in Poland

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Safetica team

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