A healthy balance between tight security and a pleasant user experience has always been Safetica’s priority. With the latest version, DLP blocking policies do not necessarily interrupt users’ work, since the admin can allow trusted users to override DLP policies and perform their desired actions without asking for help. 

Such events are recorded and can easily be audited. Thanks to users’ comments, the admin will be able to understand the context of the events much more clearly. 

User override can be configured for each policy, enabling you to control which situations and users should be allowed this flexibility. 

Control when file content scan is needed and when it is not

When your users repeatedly work with sensitive data and you know they do so in a secure way, there’s no reason why DLP should slow down their work. 

With the new Safetica version, simply create a top priority “allow” policy which describes safe operations, places, and users. Safetica will stop file scanning for such events and will allow users to work at full speed. Simple as that. 

Control data upload to non-company Git repositories

Whether you use Git for managing source code or as a document versioning system, Safetica can now help your users work with Git securely. Work with company repositories remains 100% uninterrupted, but you can easily prevent users from pushing changes and data to non-company repositories. 

Performance and security improvements

As usual, the new version comes with dozens of optimizations and bug fixes, this time focused on backend performance and faster work with records in both Safetica Management Console and WebSafetica.

Safetica Mobile users will surely welcome the increased security of our new iOS certificates. 

Announcing public beta of Safetica 9.10 with OCR!

For the first time ever, we are announcing the availability of a public beta for an upcoming version of Safetica 9.10. It will include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and brand new content inspection technology.

OCR allows you to inspect scanned PDF documents and image files and protect them the same way as other documents. With the new content inspection technology, you also get better control over what files should be inspected and an extended list of supported file types. 

We have already tested the beta version thoroughly but want to validate its real-life performance on more variable environments. Once we are 100% certain that everything works flawlessly, we will make Safetica 9.10 available to all our customers.

If you’d like to gain access to the public beta version of Safetica 9.10 with OCR, please apply below

Apply for beta Safetica 9.10 now!

Ján Lakatoš
Product Manager

Jan is responsible for Safetica's data loss protection features. He spends most of his time talking to customers, partners, and developers to find out how to improve Safetica and its approach to data protection.

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