In an independent test by SC Magazine, an international publication focusing IT security, Safetica Technologies’ flagship data loss prevention suite received five stars. The editors praised the software’s performance and functionality in addition to the developers’ focus on detail and quality.

Safetica 5 is a data loss prevention (DLP) suite that reduces the risk of a data breach by focusing on insider human actions – both malicious and accidental – with its comprehensive portfolio of security tools. Compared to competitors, Safetica 5 provides strong protection of unstructured data, is easy to deploy, and has low demands on computer performance. Safetica 5 also has a user-friendly interface designed to meet managers’ needs and is compatible within corporate environments and business applications.

"We are very pleased with the test outcome in this prestigious publication. Our goal is to provide companies with maximum data protection against threats from insiders and human error and this result shows we are on the right track. Data privacy is increasingly a global issue but data security is often a neglected element. However, data breaches can still mean considerable financial losses for companies," says Jakub Mahdal, CEO of Safetica Technologies.

Safetica 5 deals with the threat of data leakage at a high level primarily by eliminating sources of threats and providing an comprehensive and integrated portfolio of security tools. Beginning with its smooth installation, it provides management with needed information on potential risks and equips them to go beyond passively watching to actively addressing issues. Safetica gives administrators the ability to set appropriate use limits, filter traffic, and monitor the flow of information.

Safetica 5 benefits companies through its data and disk encryption, passwords and access-right management, data shredding on networks, insights into VPNs, and control over a wide array of end-user devices, whether they be computers, laptops or mobile devices. One practical example is to use the Safetica test regime mode for data protection to try out various scenarios for the use and possible misuse of data.

Safetica 5 is a useful tool for enhancing productivity by setting user rules for specific applications, system, and network resources such as internet or printers. Safetica does not require the acquisition of new security hardware, simplifying operations and reducing total client cost of ownership

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