We are proud to announce that Safetica received 9 badges in the G2 Fall 2022 Reports, earning 3 new badges over the summer reports. G2 is a platform for providing feedback about the software that customers use. G2 quarterly awards are based on this honest feedback.

A perfect solution for the mid-market

For the first time, Safetica has appeared on the Mid-Market Grid® for Data Loss Prevention. Safetica received three new badges in this category. We are proud that the solution meets the mid-market requirements for data loss prevention and that our customers are satisfied with Safetica.

The Easiest-to-use DLP for three quarters in a row

Safetica is consistently recognized as the easiest-to-use solution because it offers straightforward settings, a pre-configured environment, and automatically generated reports.

For the third time in a row Safetica successfully defended six badges: Best Meets Requirements, High Performer, Users Most Likely to Recommend, Best Support, and Easiest to Use.

Users love us!

This is our favorite badge! We have been given this one since we joined the G2 portal back in 2017. It shows that Safetica’s average rating is higher than 4.0 stars and belongs among the top DLP providers. Right now, our average user rating is 4.8 stars.

It is very impressive that it offers DLP, File Audit, Web and APP restrictions, and user activity analysis in the same software.”

G2 user

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Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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