Safetica NXT, our next-gen SaaS DLP, helps you keep your sensitive data out of the wrong hands by detecting security risks and preventing incidents, from day one.

What scenarios does Safetica NXT cover?

1. Templated data classification and data flow audit 

With Safetica NXT, you can discover and classify your sensitive data using built-in templates. The solution also audits data flow in any channel or activity for compliance and forensic evidence. 

2. Incident detection and response 

Leverage smart auto-detection of incidents and auto-evaluation of risk and suspicious or abnormal behavior for rapid response. 

3. DLP: Intellectual property and sensitive data protection 

Safetica NXT empowers you to protect your know-how and other business- and customer-related information from leakage. It prevents data, such as business information, CRM exports or customers list, from mishandling or theft.

4. Regulatory compliance violation detection and mitigation 

Regulatory compliance is one the most crucial aspect of data handling. Our cloud-native DLP solution detects and audits potential regulatory compliance violations for GDPR, HIPAA or PCI-DSS, and sets appropriate protection to enforce internal policies. 

Jan Mazal
Sr. Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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