Safetica NXT, the next-gen SaaS DLP, is a cloud-native solution with super-easy management and flexible subscription. Its risk-driven incident detection is powered by data analytics.

With Safetica NXT, you get:

    • Data discovery (Full audit of sensitive data flow) 
    • Data protection (setting up of data protection rules) 
    • Incident detection and response (risk assessment) 
    • Regulatory compliance (GDPR, HIPPA, PCI-DSS) 
    • Fast alerts and intuitive reports 

      Information at your fingertips:

      Overview of the Safetica NXT environment 

      When opening Safetica NXT, you will land on the Dashboard. It will give you an overview of the most pressing issues that transpired in the environment and show you what might need your attention. 

      The Data security section lets you scan files for sensitive data, create your own rules for risk detection, create your own protection rules, and investigate detected events for data leaks. 

      The Workspace section displays the results of our smart detection in your company's digital workspace, so you can immediately see which web upload domains, outgoing email domains, and external devices (USBs) can be considered as safe or which ones needs to be reviewed. In this section you can also move safe domains and devices into a safe zone.  

      The Employees section lets you see the number of protected users, their risky events and endpoint use. You can install Safetica to a new endpoint by visiting the endpoint tab. 

      Dita Eckhardtova

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