We are releasing new features and improvements to our SaaS product, Safetica NXT, continuously. Do you want to know what major changes brought last months for end-customers and MSP? 

New features for end-customers 

Improved content scanning technology 

You can now fine-tune the pre-configured data categories using keywords. With their help, you can decrease the number of false positives, or extend the scope of any data category by creating custom definitions with your own keywords. 

New version for Windows delivers significant improvements to the auditing process and content scanning capabilities. Safetica NXT now scans only specific, best-practice file types (for the complete list, see our Knowledge base).  

Enhanced USB devices and Email channels overview 

The Workspace section now also provides information about the USB devices and Email channels, through that the data flows.  Thanks to a new module aimed at Emails, Safetica NXT can now distinguish which emails are sent within a virtual "safe zone" and evaluate those as less risky. The purpose of this feature is to treat internal emails sent within the organization as less risky than those which are leaving the company. 

Enhanced tooltips for risky events in Data security > Overview with more detailed info about criteria related to detection policy rules and smart scanning.

Improved weekly report 

Our weekly report delivered in your inbox got an additional boost in terms of new data and features. Particularly: 

  • Overview of risky events amount divided by their severity. 
  • New section dedicated to protected users (employees) and their risk level 
  • Additional context for detected risks and users 
  • Info about trends (how data changed compared to last week)
  • We also released new design and branding. 

New features for MSP 

Safetica HUB: Central management  

You can now manage access into the Safetica HUB and Safetica NXT via a new Settings section, with an overview of all created accounts and their status. In Dashboard you find the crucial info in the form of tiles, such as the total number of your registered customers, number of enrolled endpoints, secured users, or amount of threats across all your customer base (in the last 30 days).   

When registering new customers, you can select the desired license type (demo, trial, full, or NFR). The respective record is created automatically in Safetica backend and no further communication with the Safetica team is needed. Info about license type is displayed in the customer overview for every registered or new customer. 

Customer role 

You can now give direct access to Safetica NXT to selected customer representatives via a special Customer role. The customer will be able to use all the features of Safetica NXT and browse the data from their company. They will not be able to access Safetica NXT of other customers nor the multi-tenant Safetica HUB. 

You can find the release notes here

Jan Mazal
Sr. Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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