Safetica launches DLP in Thailand

Safetica Technologies introduced its Data Loss Protection software to Thailand at the annual Commart Comtech Thailand exhibition on 15-18 November.

The exhibition was Safetica’s first step into Thailand and the Indochina region. It followed the selection of Amphonet ERM as the exclusive Safetica distributor for the country.

“We believe Thai organizations need better data security and Safetica DLP will be able to meet this need,” said Jakub Mahdal, CEO of Safetica Technologies. “During our time with Amphonet, we were able to meet potential clients face-to-face, from manufacturing to service industries. Our first task in Thailand is to build awareness, making decision-makers aware of our solution to their data security problems. From there, our goal is to build the market and be the leader in this segment.”

Safetica was represented at Commart Comtech Thailand by Amphonet ERM, its exclusive distributor for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. “Amphonet ERM has the ideal credentials for representing us in the region, thanks to their experience as the regional strategic partner for Bitdefender antivirus,” stated Mr. Mahdal. “They know the security business from the ground up and they know their region – that’s why we are working with them.”

“With data security solutions of Safetica, we can offer our Asian business clients comprehensive computer protection, not only against external malware, but also internal threats, “ said Mr. Michal Dominik, Director of Operations in Amphonet Co.,Ltd.. “Safetica enjoyed a great interest from visitors of Commart Comtech in Bangkok, Thailand. Thai businessmen and visitors are very interested in creating a safe working environment in their computerized offices.”

To create brand awareness, reliability, and confidence in Safetica, a special company, Safetica Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. will be established next year. “We plan to establish offices of Safetica Technologies in many countries within our region. For example, Safetica Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. will open its office in Bangkok, Thailand by January 2013 for supporting our customers in Thailand, and consecutive expand to other countries ” added Mr. Dominik.
Commart Comtech Thailand is the leading trade event in Thailand for new IT technologies, attracting over 530 IT businesses this year. It was attended by 70,000 visitors from a a range of businesses, public sector organizations, resellers, and consumers. Safetica was the only DLP solution directly present at the exhibition.


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