Safetica Technologies continues its international expansion, launching its Safetica 5 DLP monitoring software in Sri Lanka in July. The exclusive Safetica distributor for the country, responsible for sales and implementation, is DCS International (Pvt) Limited. Safetica was launched to the public and IT press in the capital city of Columbo.

“Even the best protection is worthless unless fully installed and operational." said Pavel Kratky, CTO of Safetica Technologies during the press conference. “With Safetica 5, our goal is to give businesses the best data protection and productivity tools that they can have. And with DCS International, businesses have a highly experienced partner that knows their local needs and special conditions.”

DCS International (Pvt) Limited has indepth experience in representing and implementing international security solutions to the Sri Lanka market.

"A strong and experienced partner combined with a local market that needs our solutions. That's the main thing you are looking for in any expansion and we are pleased that this is what we have managed to combine in Sri Lanka," said Pavlina Mahovská, director of affiliate sales at Safetica Technologies.

The Sri Lanka launch strengthens Safetica's position in the fast-growing Asian region. Following recently announced expansions in Southeast Asia and Latin America, Safetica is represented in more than 50 countries.

Safetica team

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