Every year, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) publishes a series of market research documents outlining a market’s direction, maturity and the participants within different market segments.

In 2017 Gartner stopped producing their Magic Quadrant report for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention. Gartner’s stated main reason for this move was that the DLPs covered in their report were in their late stage of maturity. They also soon noticed that some of the larger organizations, on the upper right corner, in fact, struggled with their deployments.

DLP is complex and it’s true that some of those in their report had overstated both the simplicity of their deployments and their level of out-of-the-box accuracy in identifying content and control over various apps. Surprisingly, even today, in 2019, some of those DLP vendors still refer to themselves as the "Gartner DLP Market Leader" based on this somewhat questionable 2016 data.

In any case, Gartner decided it was best to move to Market guides and peer reviews, noting that, “By 2021, 90% of organizations will implement at least one form of integrated DLP, an increase from 50% today." [i]

Their using the word Integrated, highlights the current trend away from complex solutions towards more intuitive solutions. (ii) Which brings us nicely to Safetica: recognized by Gartner as an Enterprise DLP Provider in their Competitive Landscape: Data Loss Prevention Market 2015. Notably, Safetica was also voted Public’s Favorite at the Cybesecurity Excellence Awards 2019 where it was awarded Silver in the Data Leakage Prevention category.

Safetica advantages

Safetica Technologies partnered with IT security players such as ESET, Microsoft and Fortinet and has distributors in over 110 countries. This helps Safetica ensure it can be designed and deployed faster and easier, with no extra dedicated staff or hardware required for its users. Sensitive data is protected in a matter of hours, giving answers as to who has access to it, when, where and how this data is being used.

Safetica is an easy to use data loss prevention solution, affordable for small and mid-sized companies. The solution prevents data breaches, makes data protection regulations easy to comply with and protects your business from human error.

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(i) Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes: How Gartner Evaluates Vendors Within a Market". Gartner.com. February 2008.

(ii) How to Choose Between Enterprise DLP and Integrated DLP Approaches Gartner.com. July 2017

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