Enterprise software is complicated, and changing a company's security software settings takes time and effort. This is how things have always been, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Or is there? This is what we asked ourselves last year when we were coming up with the ideas how to integrate our popular Channel Control feature with the rest of our DLP features. Let us present you the result in Safetica DLP 9.0.

DLP configuration just in seconds

Channel Control became a hit because it was fast to set up and easy to use. Sure, it didn't have all the bells and whistles you need to manage every single use case in a big company (or every little exception), but the fast and widespread customer adoption clearly showed that there's a demand for simplicity.

So we sat down, thought hard, and designed how Channel Control could look as a DLP policy. But it wasn't good enough. So we sat down again and did another iteration. And another. Now, after months of preparations, we are very excited to announce that instead of simply shoving Channel Control in between already complicated DLP features, Safetica 9 introduces a reimagined DLP configuration with all the simplicity of Channel Control and all the power of our former DLP rules.

Creating DLP policies has never been this easy. 
It took several redesigns, but the latest DLP policies are not only simple and full-featured, they are also suited for companies of all sizes. Setting up DLP in a small company is now truly a breeze. Inspired by our best practice configurations backed up by hundreds of happy customers, the built-in templates will guide you through your initial DLP setup, which can just as easily be extended with additional policies at any time.

Use built-in templates or existing policies to configure DLP in seconds. Easy!

The new DLP policies also work for large companies, who can now manage complicated policies and all their inevitable exceptions with little effort. Do you need a slightly different security policy for a new company department? Well, just create a new policy, load the configuration of an existing one and change whatever needs changing. The new policy system now scales better than ever, and a large number of policies is just a number, and not necessarily more work or headache.

Handy overview with a quick way to reorganize your policies. Easy!

An added benefit of integrating Channel Control with DLP policies is that all the DLP configuration is now managed from a single place. One view truly offers a full overview of everything you need. With the new policy system, everything is transparent and you can easily locate, edit or change the priority of that one policy you are looking for. We took some inspiration from firewall policy settings, so that you don't have to learn yet another configuration system and can simply use what you already know.

Prevent loss of sensitive data through cloud storage or screen capture

In such a huge redesign, no stone was left unturned. Most of the time, backend improvements are invisible, but trust us, this time plenty of hard work went into revising the technology. So Safetica might seem a bit faster now. But that's not all.

Block sensitive data transfers to private cloud drives. Easy!

The inevitable backend changes allowed us to teach Safetica some cool new tricks – such as managing how sensitive content data is allowed or not allowed on various cloud drives. One more channel of outgoing data supported by our content-aware DLP. And it works for web interfaces and desktop clients alike!

The new screen capture blocking technology in action. Easy!

And since we'd received feedback about how Safetica blocked screen capture, we decided to rework this technology too. With Safetica 9, blocking screen capture works for any type of data and in any application – whether it’s for taking screenshots, recording a screen or sharing a screen online. Oh, and it only blocks windows that contain sensitive information, so that you can capture or share whatever else you have on your screen. Cool, right?

Do you want to try everything yourself? The new Safetica 9.0 is already available at our partners!

I want to choose my Safetica partner!

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Ján Lakatoš
Product Manager @Safetica

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