The new Satetica Build 5.0.5 is out, bringing with it an array of functional, graphic, and linguistic improvements. But, not everyone will see the changes – and that is just the way it should be. 

“If you mean the customer – especially the person using the Management Console – the update means better visualization, improved work with reports, and an easier job of managing what's happening in the company environment," says Petr Zikes, head of customer service. "But, if you mean the person who uses the endpoint computer where Safetica is installed, nothing really changes.”

So how would he describe this update to his grandmother, in completely nontechnical terms? “Grannie, it's better now, company mangers can really do their jobs and see what's going on in their departments!“

The major changes in Build 5.0.5 are:

    • Expanded Japanese and Spanish language documentation and localization of built-in Safetica components,
    • Ability to rename external random access memory devices and label them,
    • Enhanced encryption support for mass DLP operations,
    • More detailed logs for trend reports (possibility to directly examine source data for charts and find out the cause for employee variations),
    • Enhanced network rule evaluation, and
    • Many other minor fixes...

Complete information about Safetica Build 5.0.5 including the Change Log is available through our Partner System.

That said, Petr points out that the best is still yet to come: “This particular update isn't so important, the big things are coming with the update 5.1.0 which will bring new technologies, new features...”

Just as a teaser, this will be especially important for small companies with less elaborate networks but which still need full-fledged data protection and monitoring capability.

Ján Lakatoš
Product Manager @Safetica

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