In the next few weeks, we will be launching a brand new version of Safetica DLP. The new features allow Safetica to keep up with the undeniable trend of using cloud services for storing and working with sensitive data.  

Take a quick look at our webinar recording and find out more from our Safetica Team.

E-mail DLP policies for Office 365 

We're very excited to see that so many of our customers are adopting Safetica Office 365 features to get a better picture of their cloud data. We're also excited to let you know that Safetica 9.5 is now taking Office 365 integration to a whole new level with the introduction of e-mail DLP policies for Exchange Online! Protect your data on whichever devices your users use to communicate. In addition to auditing e-mail sent from work computers, home computers, and mobile devices, you can now enforce DLP policies over data sent from them.

Data anywhere, improved

We're still fully committed to our 'data anywhere' philosophy that we introduced last autumn, and we're pushing it even further. Safetica 9.5 improves on the previously introduced persistent file tagging with metadata technology, making it more robust and ready for wide use. If you hesitated before, now is the perfect time to embrace the new Safetica classification to ensure the audit and protection of your data anywhere.

Try Safetica with Azure SQL

Early adopters of cloud technologies will surely appreciate that Safetica can now also run on Azure SQL databases. Enjoy the benefits of hosting your data in the cloud, such as scalability of storage and performance, and easier database backup. This makes for an attractive and powerful alternative to running a limited instance of Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Safetica 9.5 - The most important changes

    • Email DLP policies for Office 365 / Exchange Online
    • Revamped automatic Office 365 integration configuration
    • Enhanced persistent file tagging using metadata-based context DLP technology
    • Support for Azure SQL database hosting
    • New built-in sensitive content templates for Brazil, Ecuador, Singapore
    • Improved support of security groups and large Active Directory structures
    • Improved support for end-to-end encrypted web sites, e.g. Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
    • Revised security issues, charts and summaries in the Security Audit report
    • macOS device control in non-restrictive, alert-only mode
    • Improved file audit and Safetica client management on macOS
    • Coronavirus and home office

Ján Lakatoš
Product Manager @Safetica

Jan is responsible for Safetica's data loss protection features. He spends most of his time talking to customers, partners, and developers to find out how to improve Safetica and its approach to data protection.

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