Set up your data protection without reading instructions. Reveal the most pressing security issues without spending hours analyzing monitored data. With the new Safetica 9.0 it is no longer only a dream. Read the essentials of more than 150 enhancements and redesigned features, which we focused on simplifying data security for users, administrators and managers.

DLP Policies Simplified

Safetica DLP has always focused on a simple and natural approach to securing sensitive data:

    • Flexible DLP policies were modeled on business processes used in medium and large companies.
    • Channel Control (originally designed for smaller environments) was able to handle the most critical security issues in just a few clicks.

In the new version of Safetica 9.0 we took the best of both worlds and created a new, unified system of DLP policies. And setting the basic security scenarios is just as simple as it has always been.

At the same time, you can scale these features to larger environments with a system of rules inspired by firewall products. Policy priority is assigned according to rank, and so defining business processes, roles and exceptions is straightforward. You can now set up all of your DLP from one place, with one tool, and all your previous settings will seamlessly be transferred to the new system.

But that's not all. By centralizing the DLP in one place, we were able to create predefined templates of policies and setting up new policies based on the existing ones. We believe this will enhance the Safetica DLP user experience and speed up your work.

safetica settings

Save Time with WebSafetica Analysis

WebSafetica is now even more productive and we have incorporated support for the data monitoring process. We have redesigned WebSafetica parameters to instantly alert you of existing security issues as well as new issues that haven’t yet been addressed by your security policies. And if you want to do an occasional in-depth analysis of the data flow, you can simply do so by using the intuitive linked charts. This will save you the time spent going over the tables.


Other changes are also designed to save time. WebSafetica now includes a more detailed audit of files sent from Microsoft Office 365, records are now linked directly to Azure Active Directory users. We also redesigned and expanded WebSafetica to provide information on server status and protected computers, and it now includes basic troubleshooting options. As a result, there are fewer and fewer reasons to substitute the web environment by the desktop console and your corporate security is always at your fingertips.

Flexible Deployment of Safetica Mobile

Safetica Mobile’s unique and simple email invitations deployment system has been easy to use for all users. But it complicated life for administrators who wanted to deploy earlier versions of Safetica Mobile on individual devices. Safetica Mobile 9.0 has eliminated this inconvenience, and our mobile solution now supports any deployment scenario imaginable. Do you have the device with you? Use QR code deployment. Does the user already have the mobile device? Send him an invitation by email. Don't have a paired user email with your device? Or is the user offline? Call him or send an SMS with activation PIN.

We have also completely redesigned the mobile client. It features a new user interface, as well as support for the latest versions of operating systems and a new protection system to prevent the application from stopping. Now it is a breeze to ensure continuous protection for mobile devices.

Important Technological Changes

In order to provide you with important technological innovations, Safetica needs the capabilities of modern operating systems. Therefore, as noted in the latest release, Safetica no longer supports outdated and insecure Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Microsoft Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. Safetica 9.0 continues to be backward compatible with version 8.4 clients to maintain basic data protection capabilities on legacy systems. However, for the highest level of long-term protection, we recommend updating your operating system and Safetica clients.

More improvements and changes

Safetica 9.0 is a new generation of security solutions focused on simplifying data security for users, administrators and managers. Compared to the previous generation, it delivers more than 150 enhancements and redesigned features. In addition to the above, we mustn‘t overlook:

    • Restricting the transfer of sensitive data to cloud storage or sending it through Instant Messaging Apps can be done using DLP policies.
    • Significantly improved technology of screen capture blocking will protect sensitive data documents without affecting Windows hotkeys.
    • We simplified Safe Zones which are used for setting corporate security zones for DLP. This allows you to intuitively protect your data from leaving your internal business environment.
    • We have revised the logs generated by Safetica DLP to highlight the most essential information, and the new data can be found in the DLP logs (formerly DLP protocol).
    • We have reviewed and simplified endpoint alerts to make them less intrusive and easier to understand, while always underscoring the security risk.
    • Application network ports are automatically detected so manual configuration is no longer needed.

Do you want to try the newest version of Safetica 9.0 on your own? Our demo version is available to you.

Try it now!

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Vítězslav Janeček
Head of Product Management @Safetica

He dedicates most of his time to customers and partners. His knowledge is then passed on to developers to keep improving the Safetica service functions.

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