Safetica 8.0 – don’t waste your time!

DLP in 3 clicks with the new Channel Control module

In the past, we had to tag sensitive data and find them in order to protect them. A little annoying, we know, yet necessary! But now you don’t have to know where your sensitive data are anymore. If you want to restrict file uploads to particular websites or a particular email, now you simply do it. Set up granular data flow rules easily, exclude in-company communication in one click and even do an in-depth file or email content inspection. Identify where sensitive data leave your company and create guarded environment with a brand new Channel Control module.

What you can now easily do is set up general rules to define safe zone for company data no matter what kind of data it is. This way you protect email, websites and even instant messaging across all your business endpoints in minutes. Now you can enhance your security with no effort. Data protection doesn’t get any simpler.



Extended data discovery

We know you love this feature. And you also need it to comply with legislative demands. Therefore we keep improving it. Here comes precise sensitive data search with more power. Meet compliance regulations quickly thanks to more accurate and easy-to-use data discovery. Use new predefined content-search templates for IBAN, Polish and Turkey national ID numbers or implement custom filters by enhanced regular expressions. Safetica now helps you define your own filters while also checking for the expression’s validity. This is something that you asked for after our last release, so here you go. Also, we hate double work. We know that you often use third party software to classify your company data. So we added classification integration to Safetica, to enable you to identify and protect content classified by third party systems such as Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection which can be used in Office 365. No need to classify data again just for Safetica. Awesome, right?

However, the most important change is that now Safetica can restrict sending sensitive data in newly created documents. The document therefore does not have to be tagged as sensitive in advance, but Safetica is able to scan the content in real time and protect the document if it includes sensitive data.

Efficient surveillance with WebSafetica

The web console got another facelift and UX upgrade. We’ve removed elements that was not particularly important to see right after opening WebSafetica. Our UX guys worked hard to make WebSafetica more user friendly. Now you can learn about all incidents from your favorite web browser in an always improving WebSafetica. If there was something important or potentially harmful happening in the company while your administrator was not watching, they’ll see it right away in the dashboard.

Enterprise environments and MSPs

Manage complex environments comfortably. Connect multiple Active Directories to a single Safetica installation to oversee separate business units in a centralized way. Get alerts and incidents from Safetica into your SIEM of choice with newly enhanced SIEM connector, and you can validate actions and activity logs from Safetica in your SIEM. No more special alerts just for Safetica. Finally you will find them all in your SIEM.

In previous versions we’ve seen that there are occasional devices, such as network adapters or security tokens, which might run into issues on endpoints protected by Safetica. Since such devices can hardly be used to compromise data, these hardware issues are mostly an annoyance, not a security problem. Safetica can now recognize conflicting hardware, which is automatically detected, and deal with such situations.

Other highlights

  • Safetica is in compliance with GDPR. Personal data privacy regulation will come into effect in May 2018 and all companies operating in European Union will have to comply. Safetica is in compliance with this regulation and also helps you meet its criteria by protecting personal data throughout your company.
  • Support for new applications directly integrated with OneDrive or Sharepoint storage. Protect these channels with the new version of Safetica DLP and restrict applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader when working with sensitive data saved on a centralized storage.
  • Feedback is important to us. We have improved user experience of various parts of our security solution, like BitLocker device management, sensitive data logs in the DLP protocol, sensitive data results in File tagging and more.
  • We know that you use screen capture applications. We have heard some complaints about Safetica registering the Print Screen hotkey, and now we only do that when it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Efficient support of latest versions of your business applications and environments, like web browsers (also Edge and Yandex), cloud sync clients, Total Commander and the latest versions of Windows 10.
  • Deploying and updating with backup safety net. WebSafetica installer auto-detects ports in use and uses free ones. System restore points are now created when installing or updating Safetica clients. All component installers identify when local disk-space runs low.
  • Updated website and application categories. Understand better where employees spend their work time with revised list of website categories, including a new list of messaging web applications. Also, with the new cryptominer category you will be able to detect whether company hardware is used to mine cryptocurrency.
  • Safetica speaks Russian. After full localization to English, Spanish and Czech.

The best Safetica yet

Safetica 8 comes with features which can be set up in minutes and deployed in hours, there’s no need to wait weeks or months until your company is protected. And with the improvements on our sensitive data detection technology, we dare say that this is our best version yet. Contact us if you’re interested in seeing Safetica in action or getting a trial version to try on your own.


What are you waiting for? Try data protection in 3 clicks on your own. Try Safetica demo.


Let’s check it out!


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  1. James Reply

    We have customers transferring files through FTP. Once received, we want those files to be encrypted using our policy. Is it possible with Safetica?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      It is possible to set web rule or path rule to FTP server’s address so in case file is saved in the FTP’s folder or downloaded from FTP’s web interface, it will be tagged by Safetica.

  2. Nick Reply

    IBAN option in sensitive data is available for all countries?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      Yes, IBAN is unified number format, so it should be available for all countries.

  3. Tomo Reply

    Sorry, I did not get “Data protection in 3 clicks”. What we protect and how with that?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      It’s simple: 1st click is DLP module, 2nd one is Channel Control, 3rd is the click on specific security toggle in module’s settings.

  4. Yemliha Reply

    What is the supported files types for content rules? Eg. can Safetica identify the Turkish identity number in the PDF?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      Yes, that’s correct. All types as PDF, DOC, XLS, XML, CSV and similar. In other words, all common text or rich text files. The full list can be provided separately. Contact us at [email protected].

  5. Costas Reply

    Can we add secondary Active Directory in Safetica Console?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      Yes, that’s exactly what multi AD support enables, not only two though, it can be even more.

  6. Phoenix Reply

    Is there any data of your clients that has been processed/stored in your environment (e.g. when improving your algorithms)?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      No, all is saved in the database based at customer’s side, in house on their server. No user data is sent to Safetica’s servers.

  7. Ramunas Reply

    How can we insert to Safetica 8.0 detection of Lithuanian TAX identification number?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      Using custom regex (regular expression) you can define all types of information you search for.

  8. Krzysztof Reply

    Can we now block sending sensitive data discovered by content module?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      Yes, that is what the feature Channel Control is for.

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      It is already available on our download and update link, feel free to download / update it. Or contact your business partner if you need any help.

  9. Yemliha Reply

    Can you please specify which third party application tags are supported? Titus?

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      All custom 3rd party classification apps can be used using their custom identifications.

    • Nela Patschová Reply

      It is not possible, we can share library we use, please contact us for further information.

  10. Allan Reply

    will it work with opensource email base or is restricted to Microsoft platform?

    • Barbora Lacinová Reply

      Hello Allan,
      thank you for your question. Safetica e-mail protection is endpoint-based and works with all traditional e-mail protocols. The use of Microsoft Outlook allows you to extended protection but is not required for e-mail security.
      Best regards
      Ján Lakatoš

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