At Safetica we believe that great security software offers protection without noticeable impact on performance. Our data loss prevention software is therefore built to stay lightweight on the resources despite its ever-expanding feature set.

Increased performance

We understand that our customers spend the majority of their time working over network. We aim to continually improve our product’s  speed, and in Safetica 7.8 we optimized our network inspection technology which has now doubled its detection speeds! You'll be able to access and work over network faster while maintaining the same level of protection you were used to.

Less database space

With version 7.8 we've also thought about our customers' database size. The bigger your organization, the more data you need to store to stay on top of what's happening in your company. And this can take a toll on database space, of course.

Comparison of web page loading speed using various versions of Safetica.

We reviewed our database structure and found a way to streamline the way we store data. Depending on the way you use our product, you will be able to use up to three times less database space than previously needed! To top it off, in Safetica 7.8 we are adding support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 which can help you boost your database performance by additional 25 %. How's that for a result?

We have already published two more articles on the improvements in Safetica 7.8. The first one discusses Office 365 protection and the second one is about easy sensitive data discovery.

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