The latest update to Safetica 5 brings several improvements for users, providing greater comfort and clarity, and increased coverage for corporate clients demanding the highest data security levels. Key enhancements include:

    • Extended monitoring – Ability to record information from files and external devices has been expanded (web download, file size, connectivity with external devices). Screen capture function now includes multiple monitors on one PC workstation.
    • Simplified approach to data – New features include data exports to XLS format and expanded abilities to export as PDF files.
    • More detailed network overview – New version gives administers a closer strators gain a better overview of network activities. New features include detection of proxy setting changes, network traffic monitoring, support for monitoring FTP file transfers.
    • Languages – Safetica is now fully available in Spanish. For Japanese language users, Safetica 5 has enhanced web search abilities.
  • Enhanced endpoint client management – Thanks to remote ability to activate/deactivate client workstations, companies can quickly respond to emerging requirements. Also disabled integration can increase the comfort of placing Safetica in high-risk environments.
Safetica team

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