We are happy to announce that we recently introduced two new Safetica certificates for our partners. Locking Down the Deal training summarizes over ten years of experience that the Safetica sales team has gathered. Successful participants will receive a Safetica Sales Professional certificate. In addition, Safetica NXT certificates are now ready for those who complete our updated Safetica NXT course.

Locking Down the Deal training 

Want to know how to talk about DLP and how to sell Safetica products? Learn more in our Locking Down the Deal training, specifically designed for sales representatives. You will find out more about data leaks and why they occur. Our sales team has collected several customer success stories that we are happy to share with you. You will also learn more about our products and how to sell them in the most effective way, as well as about Safetica itself.

Safetica NXT certification 

Safetica NXT is our cloud-based SaaS solution which enables early discovery and mitigation of potential data security threats. The product is evolving quickly, and we are constantly updating our Safetica NXT e-learning course to provide the freshest training experience. Recently, we published terms and conditions describing how to qualify for the new Safetica NXT certificate.

Both the Locking Down the Deal and Safetica NXT courses have been published in our e-learning platform at elearning.safetica.com.

Štěpán Horký
Senior Technical Consultant @Safetica

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