We now protect more than 170 000 devices. We have conquered a new continent, we have released 3 versions of Safetica DLP and we have formed new partnerships. That – and even more – was the year 2018 for us. Read more about how we made it happen and take a look at some of the things we have planned for this year.

What did we do in 2018?

We launched three improved versions of Safetica

In Safetica 8.0, we showed how easy and fast it can be for you to protect your important business data. We introduced a new data flow control feature with three-click protection. We moved it to WebSafetica in version 8.3 for even more convenient control.

Starting with Safetica 8.1, you can protect USB flash drives and other external devices as well. Just one click to restrict or disable connections, keeping you in control of how your data leaves your company.

Safetica 8.3 introduced content detection in the DLP itself. We have put the final touches on the advanced sensitive content search feature and now can protect searches right away, regardless of location. Safetica 8.3 has simplified Web and Application controls.

We became part of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord

We have joined the worldwide initiative Cybersecurity Tech Accord and now stand with other companies such as Nokia, Telefonica, Microsoft and Avast in the fight against sensitive content theft and for data protection. Together, we want to increase the safety of cyberspace, primarily for companies, but for individuals as well.

We joined the Microsoft Partner Network

Last fall, Safetica became a Microsoft Silver Partner. On the world’s most widely used platform, we are able to secure your data more quickly and efficiently. As a Silver Partner, we get first access to new Microsoft information and we can instantly respond with software enhancements for effective protection.

Thanks to Safetica and Microsoft connection, you can also look forward to products developed in accordance with Microsoft’s vision and that are fully compatible with their systems.

We have boosted distribution in the UK, Ireland and South Africa

We are proud to have established a partnership with an important distributor in the UK and Irish markets. DataSolutions’ great work, their emphasis on quality of service and their established partner network are key to opening the door to British and Irish customers.

As of last year, we also protect users in 13 African countries through a partnership with the South African distributor Prodata Group.

Safetica in numbers


What awaits us in the next year?

Microsoft Office 365 protection

We will improve email protection, auditing functionality and data protection for MS Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint 2016+. We will help you maintain the pace of data protection that will reflect the adoption of new work tools.

Mac security

First customers will be able to see security issues endangering their Mac. In 2019, we will extend data protection to all devices within this platform.

Faster and more reliable workflow

We will expand the audit scenarios for you. The information you get through the audit will be even more detailed. You get a comprehensive overview of how well you protect your data at a given time and how much security is at stake. This information will then help you with future setup.

In 2019, we will expand the regulatory compliance scenarios. We will create templates for easy auditing and you can be sure that you are adhering to all the data protection regulations for your business in your specific country.

We are also going to further improve content detection. We already protect your credit card numbers, birthdays, IBANs, etc. In 2019, we will add other options you can use to protect your data.

Safetica DLP from the cloud

This year we are planning a scalable implementation that we are also preparing for the cloud. We want to meet the needs of companies that believe buying their own server is an unnecessary burden and are satisfied with cloud hosting.

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