Have you been using Safetica to its fullest? Any time you implement a solution into your ecosystem, it is wise to double-check that everything is set properly. Find out if Safetica is implemented well into your environment and that you are getting the most from all of the features. Our Customer Success team is ready to perform your Health Check! Make sure that Safetica is set right, so it can do the job it was built to. 

At Safetica, we offer a variety of professional services, and Health Check is one of them. Our Solution Engineers have experience from hundreds of Safetica deployments, from small companies all the way up to international projects with thousands of endpoints.

What to expect from a Health Check?

The goal of the Health Check is to provide recommendations for changes to the configuration, help you with implementation, and show you the best practices. We believe that data security is the foundation of your business growth! That’s why we want to make sure that your environment is covered, that Safetica protects your data efficiently, and that you are aware of all the features that might be useful for your organization.

Health Check involves the following activities. Our Engineers will:

  1. Check the Safetica runtime requirements.
  2. Ensure Safetica products are installed correctly.
  3. Verify communications between all Safetica components.
  4. Review the initial product configuration and maintenance configuration.
  5. Suggest and configure best practices regarding Safetica configuration.
  6. Perform Prophylaxis of Safetica Management Service and Microsoft SQL Server (running Safetica database).

What are the benefits of a Health Check?

After a successful Health Check, you will be provided with a Service completion report, including a complete protocol and a list of post-check recommendations.

You will know what next steps you should take to achieve the best data security in your organization. Health Check will help you to have a healthy, effortless DLP!

Interested in Health Check? Fill out the form, and we will get back to you! 


Safetica team