Safetica speaks German. Safetica Technologies has launched its German language website at

The new website provides visitors with complete information about Safetica and its solutions for providing better data security for organizations.

“Germany is one of the two most expensive countries to have a data leak – and we take this as a very positive sign,” said Jakub Mahdal, CEO of Safetica Technologies. “Overall, German firms are the most aggressive in investigating and assessing data breaches – and they also are one of the more risky locations for malicious attacks.”

The Ponemon Institute’s 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study found that Germany trailed only the US for the cost of a data breach. German firms spent Euro 143 for each lost or stolen record and spent an average of Euro 3.48 million for each breach. German organizations also topped the Ponemon charts in spending over Euro 950,000 to investigate the cause of each data breach.

“We see Germany as a very prospective region because firms realize the value to their data, they want to know how the breach took place, and they are willing to protect it,” explained Mr. Mahdal.

Safetica Technologies is launching its flagship Safetica 5 solution together with Safetica Insight, an activity auditing software in Germany. “Safetica 5 provides companies with a full-fledged DLP suite with encryption capabilities while Insight gives them detailed information on endpoint activity,” stated Mr. Mahdal. ”Safetica 5 enables firms to protect their sensitive data and Insight lets them know what needs to be protected.”

Safetica Technologies is represented in Germany through several select resellers and system integrators. “Because data use varies by the individual firm, data protection solutions need a close interaction between the final client and the integrator,” said Mr. Mahdal. “We are working closely with several firms to ensure a complete handshake, in the German language, between Safetica and our clients. Our new web site is part of this.”

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