Satetica is a proud sponsor and participant in iCT Day, a conference on IT security to be held in Prague on June 10.

“Data security is an unavoidable theme these days, whether this is protecting the borders of your country, securing the intellectual property of a company, or if you are just concerned about personal privacy,” said Safetica CEO Jakub Mahdal. “We are pleased to help bring together some of the most experienced hands in the industry to Prague for this conference.”

The ICT conference is one of the major IT events in the Czech Republic. This year's theme is “Securing the cyberspace as an element in state security” and the conference will feature top-level speakers from international and local IT firms, government agencies, and academia.

The new Czech Decree on cybersecurity – in parallel with the recently passed EU General Data Protection Regulation – will be the theme of Safetica Technologies' CTO Pavel Kratky presentation at iCT Day.

“People really matter when it comes to cyber and data security,” explained Pavel Kratky. “While there are highly technical issues in this legislation such as network encryption, it is really important to realize that other elements in it like auditing, establishing an IT policy, and employee education will require organizations to better integrate their people into the security process. My goal is to describe what needs to be done and demonstrate how this can be done most effectively.”

Details matter in IT. While it may seem that the distinctions between “Known” and “Critical” information systems are only bureaucratic talk, pointed out Pavel, the differences are significant. “I'm looking forward to explaining the difference and showing how organizations can more effectively protect that huge, 80% of their data pool which is unstructured and out of reach from most security solutions – And, I'm sure I can do it without requiring people to drink huge amounts of coffee.”

For more information about iCT Day, and registration details, go here.

Safetica team

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