Enhanced OTF functionality is a major part in the 5.4.0 update of the Safetica 5 Data Loss Prevention.  OTF, otherwise known as “on the fly” functionality, helps organizations find and tag their data in real time, resulting in more effective management of the data identification process.

“For Safetica users. this means less time, more automation, more efficiency, and less risk throughout the entire data lifecycle,” said Pavel Kratky, CTO of Safetica Technologies.

Expanded OTF functionality means it is easier to classify – and reclassify – your data with Safetica Sata Loss Prevention; as data covered from the moment of its creation, through the various forks and turns of its existence, and on to its eventual disposal. Tagging coverage includes when the data is worked with or copied. From the DLP perspective, OTF tagging plays a huge role when there is a change of context for the data, for example, when a file shifts from sales to accounting. The 5.4.0 update automates some of the previously manual work needed to reclassify files.

"It's about reclassification. Now you can set the OTF tasks for specific folders and a user can just copy his document into this folder. The Safetica OTF task will automatically reclassify this document and apply the new security policies," explained Safetica’s Martin Imrich.

And there is more. The update contains additional tweaks to the Safetica platform including the following enhancements:

Safetica 5.4.0

    • Data analysis and File tagging functions have been improved.
    • Device Control is now able to block Windows Portable Devices.
    • Alerts performance has been improved and additional Alert options added.

Safetica Insight 5.4.0

    • Categories for specific websites or applications can be changed directly within Records.
    • Additional time filter options.
    • The database server load decreased

If you need any further assistance or have queries regarding the  update, just contact the support team at support@safetica.com.

Safetica team

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