According to analysts, data protection systems are gaining more and more attention in Central and Eastern Europe.

Analyst firm Gartner, in its current report on IT security in Central and Eastern Europe, predicts the accelerated implementation of systems to protect against data breaches. Their findings included, among others, market research from the Czech firm Safetica going back to 2012. According to the cited research data from Safetica, between 2012 and 2013, the awareness of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions increased from 25 to 33 percent with local and Czech CIOs. Gartner warns, however, that the most frequent barrier to wider application of DLP systems is the limited willingness of smaller IT departments to invest in a highly specialized product.

"We are pleased that Gartner utilized our research in IT security conditions in local markets. They also pointed out in their report that Central and Eastern Europe have long lagged behind in the comprehensive protection of corporate data, especially in the post-crisis years of 2008 and beyond. This is changing, and Gartner predicts rapid growth in, among other things, in DLP systems," commented Jakub Mahdal CEO Safetica Technologies.

The Gartner data also shows that the estimated volume of investment within DLP systems in Central and Eastern Europe will grow in the years 2014 to 2018 by about 59 percent, from $13.5 million to $21.5 million by 2018. Implementation of data security solutions, according to Gartner's near-term forecasts, is accelerating, impacted by changing legislation in many Central and Eastern Europe countries. Safetica has previously stated that under the influence of the new cyber security law, Czech companies and organizations will have to change their approach to data security.

"The new law on cyber security clearly specifies the responsibilities of companies. This is not about unnecessary demands on the individual company. This is not a meaningless ordinance, and it really has a logical sense. For companies that take their security seriously, I recommend they look at this it as a good guide," said Jakub Mahdal of Safetica Technologies.

About Gartner

Gartner is a leading independent research and consulting company that aims to help clients make the right decisions in the IT arena. The company was founded in 1979 in USA and its customers now include leading CIOs and IT specialists from the private and public sector, technology managers from technology and telecommunications firms, and investors from more than 9,000 organizations worldwide, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The exclusive representative of Gartner in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, is the KPC-Group. More information can be found at: or

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