Safetica Technologies has stepped into Sri Lanka, launching its Safetica 5 DLP monitoring software this July.  Safetica's distributor for the country, responsible for sales and implementation, is DCS International (Pvt) Limited.

"The country has great potential …a lot of investments are flowing into the country," explains Marwan Chanawani, Business Development Manager at Safetica Technologies. "It is quite a different business and weather environment there than here in Europe."

Overall, the Sri Lankan data security market is at the early stages. "Most companies run an AV solution + firewall + some USB blocking. And, there are not a lot of companies which are ISO 27001 certified," points out Marwan.

The growth in mobile technology and social media is creating  uncertainty with local managers as they strive to keep their employees on task. Press coverage in Ceylon Today and the Daily News focused on the ability of Safetica to guard against outside devices being attached to the company network.

Safetica's partner in Sri Lanka is DCS International (Pvt) Limited. Prior to joining with Safetica, they built a strong local reputation representing and implementing international security solutions within the Sri Lanka market.

"When it comes to high-quality Data Protection, a strong combination of a superior product and an experienced local partner are essential," adds Marwan.

Safetica team

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