We keep your data safe

Safetica is protecting companies all over the world against data leaks

Company data is irreplaceable. It should be handled extremely carefully.

Our mission is to provide small and mid-sized companies with the same quality data protection that corporations have - affordably, and without any additional IT administration or disruptions in operation.

49000 protected devices


protected devices
50 countries worldwide


countries worldwide
65 bezpečnostních expertů


security experts

I like working with their team. They're high performers, full of energy and amazingly quick to answer all questions.

Bruno Carrier, DSolution, Canada

Our story

11 years ago, when Jakub Mahdal lost a USB flash drive with business data on it, he realized how vulnerable company documents can be. So he began to create a solution to keep sensitive data secure, and Safetica was born. Today Safetica protects all kinds of businesses, all around the world. Building on Jakub's experience, Safetica is now able to prevent security incidents, detect potential risks and even identify where a company can save money.


We began working on our first IT security products


A fully-fledged DLP solution goes into development


The first generation of Safetica is brought to market


Top-level investor Ondrej Tomek joins our team. $1M invested in R&D. Our first international clients come on board.


Safetica Technologies expands presence to include new markets in the Middle East and Asia


87 new clients across a broad range of sectors: Automotive companies, financial institutions, sales and security forces


Petr Zikes becomes CEO of Safetica Technologies. Investment capital for new market expansion and further product development reaches $1.5M


Safetica Technologies enters a global technology partnership with ESET and expands to the North American market.


We have surpassed 100 000 protected devices and we are keeping your company data safe in 55 countries of the world.

Integrated DLP Provider, Gartner's Competitive Landscape: Data Loss Prevention Market


Member of ESET
Technology Alliance

SC Magazine

Rated 5 *
in SC Magazine

Awards for Security

Winner of Computer Weekly Awards for Security

The relationship with the Safetica Technologies' team is just incredible. It's like working with family.

Ignacio Polomar, Compudirecto S.A., Mexico


Petr Žikeš

Kuba Mahdal

Zbyněk Sopuch

Matej Zachar

Víťa Janeček

Ladislav Mlčák

Honza Buček


Our job isn't merely to write code. Our job is to look for creative solutions. Finding elegant, efficient solutions to logical problems brings us much more pleasure than looking at how many lines of code we have written.

We protect data across platforms

Desktop Client (C, C++, C#, Objective C)

Mobile Client (Android, iOS, WP)

Application Servers (C++, C#, SQL, R)

Web-based Console
(ASP.NET MVC, Telerik, JS)

We're security experts

We work in small agile teams

We collect feedback directly from users

Each team member works on essential changes

We cooperate with top universities

We are creating something BIG

Already more than 1 million lines of code lines and 1 billion database entries

... and all this required 35,000 cups of coffee. Yes, coffee. It's what we live on.

Quality Assurance

You might think that all testers do is search for bugs. Not in Safetica. Our QA team plays an integral part in product creation, from designing new features to the final launch.

We guarantee a high quality product

We design tests, force errors, check compatibility and stability

We bear the responsibility for the highest quality of Safetica products

Automated tests

We program in Python, RobotFramework, Selenium and AutoIT

We automate what would otherwise need to be done manually

We are always working on ways to make our product better

Because there's always room for improvement in both functionality and user experience


We ensure the data security of our existing clients and provide new and potential customers with the information they need to make confident decisions about their data safety.

Don't underestimate security

Data leaks are becoming more frequent and are reported more and more in the media.

This exposure helps companies to understand just how great their data risks are.

Our mission is to help

So when and if a security incident occurs, company owners and CEOs can do something about it.

We save companies money and protect their reputations

The data protection market

22% annual growth with estimated worth $2.64 billion by 2020

Support & Delivery

We take care of the smooth, quick, on-site implementation of Safetica. We train our partners and provide assistance, so that everyone can use Safetica features to the fullest. We are pros in data protection.

Security Geeks

We know our product and our technology and are not afraid to use them to give you the best possible data protection

Plus, we get along well with admins. And security guys, too, of course!

Customer, customer, customer!

We're happy to help you with any questions you may have

Speed is our priority - but never at the cost of quality

We simply insist on the best

The world is our home

We're ready to implement our products and train our partners in many countries around the world

We don't hesitate to visit our global clients when something isn't working 100% the way it should

Data Protection Officer

Petr Brábník
[email protected]

Ready to answer all your questions
about personal data protection.

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